How to host your static website on S3

This a low cost, secure and HA solution that you may use to host your static website . For the demo purposes i am using the domain




  • The first step is to create a S3 bucket



  • The next step is to Enable Static Web Hosting and fill the name of the index document



  • Next under permissions, we untick the box Block all public access and confirm the change




  • Once done, we move to the next step where we have to edit the S3 Bucket policy. Use the  following code and edit Line 12 to reflect your bucket name



  • Then you can upload your index file, in our case demo.html



  • The next step is to create a Hosted Zone in Route53, if you don’t have one already



  • When the hosting zone has been created, you can add an A Record to point to your S3 bucket (if Cloudfront will be used for HTTPS, there are a few more steps required and we are to cover that in another post)



  • You can now see that the A record has been created



All you have to do now, is type the URL in our case and we can see our page (S3 hosting in this case using HTTP)

For an HTTPS connection you need to create a Public Certificate using ACM and configure CloudFront (we are going to cover that later, in another post)


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